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Escort services Moscow

Bella is a British model cum professional Russian Escort. She loves everything about Russian culture and intends to settle down with an eligible Russian bachelor here.
She looks like a well polished sophisticated lady just like a princess from royal family. She is well suited to contact for important parties or functions where you need to impress people along with a beautiful intelligent woman.
Bella has natural capability of striking friendship with anyone and can impress anyone through her charming nature. chicas de sexo en Madrid After party, you can visit her apartment where she wants you to undress her from top to bottom, kiss her passionately and enjoy her womanhood in any of your desirable position.
You can also take her out for romantic dinner, evening out events like movie watching, theatre just like any other girl-friend. You would love every moment of spending time with Bella. In-fact; will make a second visit soon just to fulfill your desire.
Please call us or drop an email to get a date with this refined lady. We assure you that it is going to be best date of your life.

My sex story
I always had shabby men as clients. They treated me like a piece of meat leaving me really frustrated of not getting my due in bed at all.
One day, I got a call from doctor. It was an honour for me that such a reputed person had called me to spend time with me. I noted down the address and went to his apartment next day. 
I wore an elegant white t-shirt along with short skirt to impress him.  The doctor was waiting for me as I enter his apartment. I was shocked to see him sitting completely naked in the drawing room. He told me to perform a seductive strip dance for him. Since it was his day, I played music on my I-phone and start taking off my clothes. I could see his cock getting hard as my clothes fell on ground one by one. Soon, I appeared in undergarments. As I appeared in undergarments, the guy came close to me and kissed me passionately on my lips.
He laid me gently on the floor and run his firm hands all over my body.  From his excitement, it was quite obvious that he hadn’t experienced woman before. I too motivated him to play more with my body. When he had moved his hands all over my body, he came on top of me and kissed me passionately on my lips. He kept on rolling his tongue for some minutes.  Then, he proceeded down to all over my body. His lips rolled over my neck, while his hands juggled with my soft breasts.  From neck, he fastened his lips on my breasts and kissed them gently moving from one tit to another within a minute.

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